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With Joy in Every Step

My journey began in one small town in southern Peru, a drop in the ocean of possible experiences. I spent two years in Tacna, Peru serving as a Jesuit Volunteer and English teacher in a local public school. Through blogging, I was able to keep friends and family up-to-date about my daily life in Peru and process my experience of being a foreigner living abroad.

But once I had left my life in Tacna, I realized that the itch to write was just as strong as before. Now, storytelling has transformed into something much more far-reaching. It is an opportunity to honor the small differences in daily life, to disfrutar (enjoy) each and every step of the journey I take in life. Whether it be in my family’s hometown in Northern California, or abroad on my next adventure, I have the chance to celebrate the faces I meet and the places I see.

This blog is my perspective and my own personal experience. It is not a representation nor a summary of the cultures or the people that I am a witness to. I hope that everything you read here is taken with a grain of salt. It’s one gal’s personal perspective and her quirky observations all wrapped up in one; a window into my life and into the día a día of a gringa trying to learn the ropes of surviving and thriving out there in this big, wide world.

Hope you enjoy!


Camila xoxox