Ciudad Hermosa

This special day only comes around once a year. Every August, school grinds to a halt for almost an entire week. There’s at least one parade or concert every evening with well-known bands like Grupo 5 headlining at stadium venues. Bougainvillea flowers can be spotted in every nook and cranny and Peruvian flags of all […]

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La Hora Gringa

The weekend has arrived and it’s time to make plans.  “I’ll see you at 7,” I say in Spanish to my friend over the phone, “Hora gringa, not hora peruana.” “7, hora gringa,” he repeats, now well-versed in my need for a timely arrival.  Time flies differently here in Peru, or rather, it crawls. Hora peruana is […]

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Dancing Through the Market

It’s Sunday and I stand amidst the vegetable sellers in Mercado Grau. I’m sleepy after a late night of karaoke- una noche divertida spent celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’m a bit thirsty, my worn Nalgene water bottle at the bottom of my bag hidden beneath a bag of choclo (Peruvian corn), too inconvenient to take the time to […]

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When Water Comes to Habitat

Tacna: a city on the edge of the desert. Habitat: a neighborhood on the frontier of the city. TacBloc: the Jesuit Volunteer house with its fair share of water problems. In November of 2017, I first wrote about the struggle of water. Here we are, a year and a half later and big changes have […]

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A dune with a view

When I dream of Tacna there is dirt and dust and our little cement house on the edge of nowhere, its bright cerulean blue a beacon on our street when I return home late at night. I dream of dust on my window pain, as I look out in the mornings and see the deep […]

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Diabetes and Me

You know that feeling when you wake up at three in the morning, pouring sweat, your hands shaking, and in dire need of some apple juice?  Welcome to the fun, fun world of diabetes!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my auto-immune disease, here’s a quick run down. (For those of you already […]

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